Reviews for "Airborn (Pulstated)"

nice work...again

i really like your work and so does my friend Dj Oktave.......check out his work and maybe you could both make somthing together.....and you use reason? i could never understand Reason if my life depended on it.......Peace

Pulstate responds:

^^, Thanks for the review, i'll check out his stuff.

Reason was hard, but a good program to know i guess. :)

PM me if you want a full quality version!


This is really cool Pulstate! The build up around 0:50 was really sweet. Love the bassling you got going on. Good piano, good percussion, everything seems to be put in well together. Btw, what program do you use?


Pulstate responds:

Cheers for the cool review, and i use Reason 3. :)

Nice :)

Reason ftw yo!

I usually listen to euro trance with insane saw synths, but this is still trance, its quite hypnotic, and I like it. Your synth work and automation is great, reason is that good of course :)

your beat mastering is really good too

i like :)

Pulstate responds:

Thanks alot mate, Reason is indeed quite wonderful. :)

I really like the flow of this.

Although about the quality, this song is fantastic! I like the little small bellthing synth, nice melodys, nice bassline, nice drums. Overall great song! Great job on this! Keep producing! :D

Pulstate responds:

Quality had to be like this to get all of the track in, it's 8 mins you know! =D

very hq

i like how u used reversed snares as a percussion. do u use fl studio? if u do can u teach me a few things plz? keep up the good work. k thx bai.

Pulstate responds:

I didn't use reversed snares! :) I use Reason and PM me if you need any help.