Reviews for "Airborn (Pulstated)"

Once again, a 10/10

Congratulations on yet another masterpiece, Pulstate! =) Once again, your beautiful melodies and professional rich sound have left my ears begging for more! I still am quite shocked after finding out that you're only 15 years old. You've got so much time ahead of you, and have already created and learned so much.

After getting your recommendation to grab a copy of Reason in one of your reviews for my work, I did just that. I actually wanted to ask you something if it's alright with you. You told me you were being mentored by 2 artists that're with Anjunabeats *gasp! =)*, so I figured you may know of somewhere where I could find some valuable tips for working with Reason. If you have any beneficial words of wisdom that you would be generous enough to share, I'd appreciate it.

Hope to hear more of your phenomenal productions sometime in the near future!

Peace! (Sorry for such a long review!)

Pulstate responds:

Sent you a incredibly large PM!

(Don't be sorry for a long review, artists love them!)



dunno how you made this, but man this is freaking awesome for some one who's 15!

Pulstate responds:

Heh, i think it involved opening a music program and then going from there! =)

Friendly joke mate, thank you for a great review!


good work

hi man agen and agen great work, you gata teech me something caz i think i like every song you posted here on NG well hope you look me up and see what teeps you can geve me on some music scil'z


Pulstate responds:

Thanks for the review, what do you want to learn?

Hit me up on a PM if you need anything. :)

One of my Faves

Sup dood. Your doing well. And This will always be one of my fave tunes from you. great skills in reason man!! :) thanks for helping me out the way you do. Hopefully we can sumday finish our song and get famous off it aha. Later my irish friend.


Pulstate responds:

We are getting there mate, have Will's track on my iPod now.


Awesome! Keep up the great work!


Pulstate responds:

Great name!

Thanks. :)