Reviews for "Airborn (Pulstated)"

omg nice!

sounds like really professional trance, goodjob. :O !!
so ur THE upcoming trance guy? :D well ur doing a goodjob, keep it up !!
im new here too and im the upcoming dance man 8-D lol
check it out plz, i need some feedback on my songs

Pulstate responds:

Thank you for the review, i will try to get round to some feedback, we all need it!


dude it's artest like you that keep me off limewire for techno, trance etc. YOU ROCK KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

Pulstate responds:

Will do!

Check out More Than Words!


not to up beat, yet not boring at all, i luv it, its something you can jam to, or just listen to, or get up and dance, im downloading it

nice job *two thumbs up*

Pulstate responds:

No worries mate, hope you enjoyed, PM me if you want a full quality version. =)


You won me over with Nova, but this has me completely entwined! 10/10 5/5. Keep up the fantastic mixing dude!!! =D

Pulstate responds:

Thank you, Nova was a long time ago it seems!

PM me if you want a full quality version of this!


is that a twitch =\ ..

oh no its just my legs movin cuz this is a fuckin tune!

nice work.

Pulstate responds:

Heh! Thanks mate, PM me if you want full quality!