Reviews for "Airborn (Pulstated)"


All my base are belong to you!!!


Gotta thank Nexusradio.co.uk , and DJ-immune who nominated you, for showing me this song.
pure awsomeness. its like the smoothest and still roughest trance song i've ever heard on NG.
And here comes a question i rarely ask ppl.
Would you like to check out my stuff too. at least my latest song "Godsent".
Getting a fullout review from you on that song would really be a big step for me to become better.
i havent anything about you yet so i'll ask this right away too. what program do you use?
I am a full-out FL Studio user and that might get you think: "hell no. FL is for newbs" =P
hehe, kidding around, but this sounds good. really good.
hope to get a review from you soon ^^




Just noticed I have not reviewed this excellent track of yours! Obviously the song owns much of the ass that is being tapped recently by audio artists; but what owns so much about this song is that you somehow fit it under 4 KB, which is what might of killed this song, but not without a fight.

The whole song is perfect, and it's just the compression and EQ problems that is the downfall. By far, it's in my Top 5 Trance songs on NG. I'm all for the 8 min to 10 min songs, I think they can be professed through pure essence and just something that is a delight to hear.

I just can't help but think that I need to collab with you sometime. It might be a long way off (recently signed and I am making a Album), but I assume we both work in studios and it wouldn't be such a half bad idea; seein that we have the same eye for our Trance songs.

It prob wont happen, I have a lot on my shoulder as of late, and it's just me professing my love for this song through the only way I know it; sucking up.

Keep up with the good work, and I love your new single; 'Fuel the Passion'.

Pulstate responds:

Thank you for the review, i cr8'd this before i learned how to EQ or compress correctly, but it was good fun nonetheless.

Glad you like Fuel The Passion, will be out on CD/MP3 on the 3rd March. (Around.)

Cheers mate. =)

pure talent

its people like u who save this sight. u put effort n ur not 1 of thos fags who puts a zero on everything better then wat they got. I have respect for thos who do better then me and make me do better in what i do. LOVE this song go bigger then newgrounds. N if any one gives this a zero or a bad grade go suck a dick and get ur ass fucked because u deserve it. once again man great work ull be hearing from me alot more if u got more songs comeing. GO BIG DUDE!

Pulstate responds:

Thanks mate, i intend on going big, but retaining my head on the ground, i don't want to be a superstar but an influence. :)

Check out my blog !

Best Song on Newgrounds!

Words cannot descibe the greatness in this song. It sounds so professional that you should easily get a record deal with this kind of music. Keep up with the awesome music man. Get back at me.


Pulstate responds:

I DID get a record deal with a BIG label finally! (Infrasonic-Recordings.com)

I'm giving away Airborn at 192 KPS for free now. (Decided not to release it.)