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Reviews for "Your Gardevior Wants You"

Should I be ashamed to admit I have a bit of a sweat going after listening to this? XD

A Pokémon master should always take care of their Pokémon needs... all of them.

The Pokémon game series, which I really like, feature some of the most colorful and likeable characters ever created. From Pikachu, Treeko, Chikorita, to Gothielle, Mudkipz and Charizard, all of the Pokémon are special on their own way, but one that I think particularly stands out is Gardevoir, the evolved form of Raltz and Kirlia. Her lore, which states that she will remain loyal to her master no matter what, and that she'll protect him from any harm, is interesting and heartwarming, and I also think that thanks to that piece of lore, we have acquired this beauty.

I really like the dialogue: it is believeable, and may I say, enticing all around. Likewise, I also like the dirty talking. It is very alluring.

Your voice acting is, in one word; wonderful. I love the voice you gave to Gardevoir, and that includes the moaning, sucking and licking. Who wouldn't like to have a Gardevoir like that? I know I would!

Last but not least, the sound effects. They are top notch, and very well made. They get along with the voice acting and the overall theme of the audio. It's a very professional and excellent work.

Congratulations MissMoonified! This is an incredible entry to the audio portal, and a very sexy tribute to Gardevoir, all in all.

MissMoonified responds:

Thank you so much, dear! 💕

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