Reviews for "Felix Zophar - W.A.R."

Oh My God
Best Trap Ev3r

FelixZophar responds:

I guess lol.

Definitely one of my favs from you, I can hear the work you must've put into this :o
Your persistence paid off, in my opinion, for sure.
Nice Job o:
5/5 - 10/10, wonderful track would listen again!
Liked , faved , n reviewed!

FelixZophar responds:

Thanks man!

Sweet Song My Dude! :)

FelixZophar responds:

You gonna upload it? :D

I feel like this could be on a huge hybrid trap channel.

edit : i really don't know any lol

FelixZophar responds:

Do you know any lol. It’s on a few trap channels and on ElectroLivinMusic.

Damn, I wish I could make music like this. This review would be too long if I told you everything I liked about it, so here is what I don't like about it:

FelixZophar responds:

Haha thanks!