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Reviews for "The Beautiful Savage"


Ive been listening around to a bunch of stuff and this is by far the best thing ive heard. Just listened to the rest of your music and its all amazing. I love your use of piano + strings. Keep up the good work man, hope to colab / learn from you sometime.

10/10 5/5

Hooray for milk-man dan!

teehee... i told ya you'd be back. this is really an amazing song, keep it up!


I love this.

i'm throwing a flower on your feets !

WOW ! WOW !!

Nothing more to be said !

wonderful..... truly epic.

this song brings sadness in times of in times of happiness, and happiness in times of darkness.... it's beautiful... as well as dark. an epic mixture of sadness and goth. I like it. no, i LOVE IT.... i am listening to this, and i am thinking back to times in my life... my chidhood, and all the times i did something bad. Now, as i listen to this, i reret. everything. this is that kinda song. this is MY kind of song.
thanks for the song. thanks for everything. we all worship you. :D