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Reviews for "The Beautiful Savage"


Jesus, I didnt even pay attention to the release date! But all I have to say is "wow" What a way to make an entrance! I especially like the background beat with this song. It added almost a new dimension to the song unlike some of your other pieces. Nice work!

Dude, this is beyond what i expected

Like, every music u have here is just unbelievable, like I'm a musician and i feel like telling my band to play this song and all of your others

Keep it up


Wow, really beautiful. Made me very calm, I like it very much!
( Angry face is doing really weird at this song 0.o )

I weep now.

From the first few seconds you had me. You had my soul in my hands, my heart in your grasp and you made me bleed tears. You are my hero. If i never hear anything else ever agian i would be fine. Each change in pace and movement was so subtle and meaningful. Please never ever ever stop writing stuff like this. You are basically god.

Fuckign awesome man!

I feell like this could be used to make a horror movie sound track. In fact , I've actaully made a music video for my fanfic. Well not a music video, more like a trailer. This is epic! Great job. I expeshily loved the that light intersterment you put in that made an echo-y feeling to it. Sorry, I probably spelled a lot of words wrong, cause' its late and my spelling brain isn't exactly working. But I just wanted to let you know you have the best song on here yet!