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Reviews for "The Beautiful Savage"

Simply the best on Newgrounds

I've been systematically going through the audio portal the last month looking for new artists/music to add to my collection. You are, by far, the best one here. I can't really believe you're just 19 and able to put this together. Listened to all your music to decide which to download, and frankly, I had to download all of them. Thanks a lot for the music.


That has gotta be EVERYONE'S favorite song! EXCELLENT!!!



Im not into this music at all but i must say this is a beautiful peice of work and i respect you greatly man. Respect!

this song is a triumph

this song is a triumph for those people who truly listen to music and let it enter there souls.
to me this song is a revelation it speaks to you on a whole other level, it is truly beautiful.
thank you milkmandan for making this masterpeice, i will be listening to this for months to come!


Very epic and beautiful. I liked it a lot. It wasn't your average 4-chord progression either. Thank you for mixing it up and keeping it real. Keep up the good work!