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Reviews for "The Beautiful Savage"

Beautiful indeed

First of all, I really like the clean mastering of this production. I mostly stumble upon tracks that are poorly mastered, it´s one very important aspect if you ask me. The mix between orchestral and new age elements is really good, the lo-fi percussion added a rather modern touch to it, which is great. You also came up with some great harmonics here, quite enjoyable at all.

I´ll put an end here because this review is spontaneous. Try keep it up and make something out of it, you got everything that is needed.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Thanks for the spontaneous review. I agree mastering is very important and I'm rather amatuer at it, but this one really stood out. Glad you liked the song mate and thanks again.


Best peice

In my opinion, this is your best peice. I really love the beginning where it just starts out with the echoing piano, and then.. BAM! it gets so much better. Its complex stuff, but its still kina relaxing. You are a really good artist! your music makes me want to make stuff like that. The only problem is my keyboard stinks and i dont have a program to use it anyways. Oh well, I'll just stick to listening to what you create.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Hey man pick up a new keyboard when you can and get a program like Cubase or Fruity Loops... or what I use... Reason 3.0

If you've got it in you... make it come out and share it with the rest of us ;).

Take care mate and thanks.



Jesus, I didnt even pay attention to the release date! But all I have to say is "wow" What a way to make an entrance! I especially like the background beat with this song. It added almost a new dimension to the song unlike some of your other pieces. Nice work!

Love it

This song is my favorite out of all your work on here. I wish it were longer, but I say that about most songs I enjoy. All I have to say is "Amazing."

About magic

There is a theory that magic results from the proper combination of Music and Mathematics. Just don't use your power for evil, Dan!

As far as I remember, this was the first piece I heard from you on newgrounds a long time ago and this was when I fell in love with your work. Stay with us here and keep the magic flowing, dear. You are a point of light in a dark world!