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Reviews for "The Beautiful Savage"


Ohh the piano. My favorite instrument...
What an amazing intro! It gets you in a nice mood right away! Great melody, the way the notes are being played just makes this song roll throu my head over and over. Certainly catchy.
0:24 - Nice choice of instruments. The percussion you used it's actually very interesting. Very movie like.
Oh, the violins :D There was no way you could miss putting violins into this song, very nice background. I specially like them at 0:56, I like it when a melody suddenly changes into a sorrowful mood.
1:19 - Now, this is something that I always liked about you, a piano solo part after the whole band played already
1:41 - OMG here starts a powerful... determination like melodie. Like when you're about to make an important decision. To live or die (sort of, lol).
2:00 - New percussion? woot! Now the whole band is back! Good, good. They're back to introduce the ending, a simple and powerful ending. I liked that echo btw.

Wonderful, I can't believe I've never reviewed you before.
Keep them coming!! ;)


MilkMan-Dan responds:

You know whats amazing.

I know a violinist who has been collaborating with me... and her last name happens to be fuoco.

You guys are a talented bunch.

I sincerely appreciate the in depth review, I very much intend to keep them coming as well.

I had a listen to your work. fived both pieces.

You are an amazing pianist. I hope to hear more from you as well.

Cheers Mate.