Reviews for "The Beautiful Savage"


Ohh the piano. My favorite instrument...
What an amazing intro! It gets you in a nice mood right away! Great melody, the way the notes are being played just makes this song roll throu my head over and over. Certainly catchy.
0:24 - Nice choice of instruments. The percussion you used it's actually very interesting. Very movie like.
Oh, the violins :D There was no way you could miss putting violins into this song, very nice background. I specially like them at 0:56, I like it when a melody suddenly changes into a sorrowful mood.
1:19 - Now, this is something that I always liked about you, a piano solo part after the whole band played already
1:41 - OMG here starts a powerful... determination like melodie. Like when you're about to make an important decision. To live or die (sort of, lol).
2:00 - New percussion? woot! Now the whole band is back! Good, good. They're back to introduce the ending, a simple and powerful ending. I liked that echo btw.

Wonderful, I can't believe I've never reviewed you before.
Keep them coming!! ;)


MilkMan-Dan responds:

You know whats amazing.

I know a violinist who has been collaborating with me... and her last name happens to be fuoco.

You guys are a talented bunch.

I sincerely appreciate the in depth review, I very much intend to keep them coming as well.

I had a listen to your work. fived both pieces.

You are an amazing pianist. I hope to hear more from you as well.

Cheers Mate.

Pure talent is here...

Nice way to make a come back into the top. so how was the Military?

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Seek the previous answer on the military situation. But it is good to be back.

Thanks for the kind words.



Simply amazing, 5/5, and 10/10. A brilliant piece and skilled composing, as well as the actual music but I'm not sure if its digital or not. Anyway, you have my vote man!

Dude, this is beyond what i expected

Like, every music u have here is just unbelievable, like I'm a musician and i feel like telling my band to play this song and all of your others

Keep it up


I have been listening to your song for the past hour and all ive heard is absolute greatness! Welcome to my favorites list :)