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Reviews for "The Beautiful Savage"


The name of the song isnt fitting....BUT ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wowza Kabowza

amazing. do you play all your own instrumentation? if you do, honestly, you are one of the best pianists ive ever heard in my life. and my uncle is a pianist and has been since he was 6 (hes now 27).

Brilliant. you have my applause and my ears.

10/10 5/5


Heart Striking...but BEAUTIFUL

This I find Awesome yet dramatic and a tiny bit sad. this somehow feels like some1 has left their partner and they did not want them to leave them or some1 close to family or is a family member has just died. :'( y do the good, most respected people die? :'(

-|-Awesome yet clever how you manage to capture the drama and emotion
this is written/played on piano in A minor - it also feels a bit eerie towards the end of this song. :'( It also makes me ? life.. Was you feeling sad when you wrote this?? AWESOME
-|-Can i add a bit of rock to this please? I'm not complaining by any means but that has a good start 4 a piece of rock -|- Just awesome

Nice Work!

This song is so AWESOME!! Please more of this! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!

It's really nice, wish it was classical.

The melody was really nice and all, but this piece wasn't classical, it was rock. refer to a review i did on "-Human Feelings-" This is a rock song, the emphasis is on the second and forth beats, classical is on the first and third beats.

For example if you were to count through the beats in a classical song you would be distinctly draw to firstly count through the song in 4 beats, (making it 4/4 time signature) and count ONE, two, THREE, four. with the greatest emphasis on the first beat. in your song one is drawn to count one, TWO, three, Four. the heaviest emphasis on the second beat, making your song rock.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

I'll bet I'd get a lot more people complaining this is more classical than rock if I put it there. Besides... I know nothing of theory, so there is no way I'd know that.

Thanks for the insight though.