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Reviews for "The Beautiful Savage"


This is definitely going to my favorites. Incredible melody, incredible everything. Words can't explain how much I love this song. It's Epic.


Beautiful! Awesome!

I love this. Everything is mixed perfectly.
I loved it from beginning to end, the change toward the end was great!
Keep up the good work!

About magic

There is a theory that magic results from the proper combination of Music and Mathematics. Just don't use your power for evil, Dan!

As far as I remember, this was the first piece I heard from you on newgrounds a long time ago and this was when I fell in love with your work. Stay with us here and keep the magic flowing, dear. You are a point of light in a dark world!


That's the perfect name. And the music quality is awsome. I picture a dark boy/man sitting in the window of a house looking out upon the dark world as it rains. He sees nothing in his future but pain, sorrow, and evil. Somehow, he keeps pushing forward though. Good song. If I had a theme song this would be mine if you wouldn't mind. *Nods*

Powerful Song.

I still listen to this even now, it's a pity that it has been zero bombed. D: