Reviews for "The Beautiful Savage"

HOLY $#&@!

My god man.
Gaddamned Beautiful.
The title, i think, does not match the music.
But when a piece of music this good comes along, does it even matter anymore what it is called?

Its like a valiant war song i my eyes.
Like the end of a war, when that one hero gives his life to valiently defeat the enemy.


Im your 100th review!

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Congradulations... you win a response!

Thanks to everyone who's reviewed this piece and thanks to all those who are still to review.

And thanks to you mate... 100... wow.


My new hero..

Absolutely amazing

This song is amazing, so many emotions you can feel, different each time you listen to it. God cant say anymore, nothing more to say just wow...


I'm sure there are points in time where if this song was heard at just the right moment, it could have stopped a war. Listening to it, you don't just feel some sounds that seem nice to you, it actually awakens emotions.

This is art.