Reviews for "By Day, By Night (VIP) (NGADM Mix)"

My favorite part is from 2:44 - 4:20 BLAZE IT *ahem* sorry yeah great song guys...

Ma bois, stardew, 1f1n1ty
The piano, the ambience, the birds, the pads, the mixups in melody, the chimes layered, the orchestral elements thrown in that make the transitions even better than the original, THAT LEAD! How do you make that lead, and also, how do make such a lead work so well!

The automation to so many different aspects in the whole track, making it constantly interesting, the interlude is like a dream, the sound effects are on point, the percussion in the interlude is so fitting.
What I want to say is:
If this is still technically a wip version, I'll end up wanting the full version playing in my funeral.
I'm in love.

Update: Oh, you fixed the mix so it's actually way cleaner.
I was told there's no such thing as the perfect song.
I guess, there can be.
This is what a perfect song is to me.

1f1n1ty responds:

yo can i just say that i love comments like this and i love all of the sometimes sincere sometimes shitposty support you give us bro i love you

This is so goooooooooood! I loved the original and this one is even better!

Oh I loooove the synth lead 😍