Reviews for "SmK - Celestial"

Noice ;p loved it!

Wow ! Cool - for this awesome music i follow for you . But ... when i download , this download only 1:05 , do know why ? But music so good , but if downloaded full been better .
P.S : Oh all dowload thanks ! :) I listen track - all track a real cool ! ;)

SKILLZmakeKILLZ responds:

Not sure why, let me look at the settings.

*Edit: it seems to work when I download it. The problem might be on your end.

Beautiful more beautiful song, epic 🌍🌟

This sounds so incredible! Everything feels so refined and perfect! I love it!

Love them melodic vocal chops, I'm glad you've still been producing music after all this time and you're sticking to the same style, you can tell how much your production and composition skill has developed. I can easily see this song appearing on the Rocket League playlist!