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Reviews for "Magenta"

Another very catchy song!
I really love the melody played by the vocals. I like how the track begins, with that kind of pluck and the vocals. The drops sounds very good, but the first one was my favourite because I really like when the vocals and the synth plays the same melody. Mostly I liked the sidechain and bass in both of them. The drums are well equalized: The kick sounds punchy and the claps sounds clear. In resume: I liked all lol.
One of my favourites, good Electro/House song! :D
Edit: I don't know what the vocals says, but I hear like: D-J-V~; 5th July~; And the light~; You and me~ lol.

Amazing Work! :)

this sounds so epic! :D

DJVI responds:

Thanks 😀

Why am I getting splatoon vibes for this track?

DJVI responds:

I hope thats a good thing 😀

I love this!

DJVI responds:

Thanks for the support :D