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Reviews for "The Legend of Zelda: NES Mix"

nice work man

dooood i would love to have this FL file..i think i may have a couple things to add to it...but man really great remix loved it!


DON'T YOU MORONS KNOW WHAT A REMIX IS. it's a song that SOUNDS like another but ISN'T the other, YOUR all thinking about the 8-bit form from the orignal zelda, and i admit it sounds like that. but did it have the beats, so many instruments, faster tempo?
and the origanl version isnt downloadable or copyable SO WHAT NOW ASS WADS WHO THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING. >:(

this remix is awesome and i respect that and im on your side. : )

afgc55 responds:

thanks bro

wow really kool!

wow, this is just.... AWESOME!
5/5 10/10
nothing else to say

Nice, cool remix.

Don't listen to others without respect, who cares if you didn't make it, it sounds great!

afgc55 responds:

But I did make make it. WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS (and several music synthesizing programs).

Seriously, this is mine. I have the FL file, with all the instruments, beats and patterns. This is the only site I've uploaded this on. Any other uploader claiming to be original is a liar.


its stolen i heard this about 2 years bfore u submitted it ok so go away pple that steal....

afgc55 responds:

Hey man, did you steal a child's grammar? Stealing is not cool.

Also, lolno.