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Reviews for "The Legend of Zelda: NES Mix"

nice dude

I really liked it, didn like the speed tho

afgc55 responds:

well i only raised the speed by about 20 bpm, but i slowed down the "NES" parts a lot, for some contrast, so its seems alot faster. I'll keep that comment in mind though, becasue speed is one of the biggest variables in these songs. But it didn't take off from you score much, so i'm glad you liked it anyways.


Overall a great achievement. I hats off to you, afgc55!

afgc55 responds:

Hey thanks! I assume the 0 is because you didn't vote before you wrote the review, i heard thats been happening. If not them I don't quite follow what your saying. Oh well, glad you liked it.

Awesome Remix!

i love what you did with this! it is really cool but satys true to the original! its awesome! good work!

afgc55 responds:

Thanks for the review! It's good to see you think it stays true to the original, because i was afraid that some people would just think i was ruining the song.

dont no what 2 think

i realy dont know hwat to think i thought i would hate any1 that butchs the zelda theme

but now iam like wow! if its done right i can appreciate it

thanx for the earful!

afgc55 responds:

you're welcome. Thanks for the review.