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Reviews for "The Legend of Zelda: NES Mix"

Good not perfect...

Well, the page loeaded, and i head a nice instrumental of what sounded like ol' Zelda's NES intro, and a noticible lack of the original intro part of the melody... i Figured 'Well, that's missing, but it sounds good as an intro remix" (and why i had it stuck in my head that it was supposed to be that i dunno... Perhaps the instruments used?--but nonetheless, that made what happen next come unexpectedly).. It suddenly became a dance party, or perhapse a Six flags commercial advertising a Link theme... Not quite a bad thing i might add, just out of nowhere for me--even if it was my fault for my earlier assumption--So i ended up listening further, and for what it was, i rather liked it! Especially the ending part going into kind of version of the dungeons... Then like the dungeons sometimes end up even for some of the best of us, the death tune! Which i might add was well depicted with the instruments used, gave it's techno flavor, but sounding very mutch like it was from the original game... Good jod indeed! : )


Jesus its getting faster and faster XD~~ Nice aceleration man XD keep on this good work

cool = )

i ts good not much to say here maybe cuz im hi or something
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Well done

You handled this idea in a very entertaining and creative way that captures both my ears and my vote with memories of long ago...

+*. Special Ed .*+


this is one of the best remixes i have heard in awhile 10/10 and 5/5