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Reviews for "The Legend of Zelda: NES Mix"


This brought me back to the early years of my childhood, with stops along the way at the most intense boss battles I've done. You deserve the 10, for your fast pace and ability to keep in with the tradition. Saved, Faved, and Fived.

this bring me back

it rly does. i love zelda, and i love your iteration of the classic NES tune! i also appreciate the tempo switch up, it added depth to the song, the dungeon theme from LttP at the end really perfected it.

afgc55 responds:

The Dungeon theme at the end is from the original Zelda game on NES.

Glad you enjoyed it.

I couldn't help but"Do" along.

Really nice work, a bit fast at times but the song still holds.

doooooooo- doogooroogoodoo-goodoo...

doogooroogoodoo-goodoo - doogooroogooDOO-doogooroo............


yeah, that was useless. well, the 10 up top shows my affection. great song!

afgc55 responds:


it appears...

that you made a great hentai tune hahahahahahahahahahaha

afgc55 responds:

The amount of hentai games this has been used in is ridiculous. Couldn't agree more.