Reviews for "The Legend of Zelda: NES Mix"

I didn't like it. . .

you get a 10/10 and a 5/5
and a download from me
you did great !
Keep it up!


new ringtone yay

I like it!

Its preeettty nice! I like the beat, the notes are a LITTLE misplaced, but, pretty damn good job! 9/10, good job!

afgc55 responds:

Unless there's something wrong with my program, all the notes fall on the correct beats. Of course, you could mean something more opinionated than that. Thanks for the 9 anyway.

very good

it really brought me back to when i used to play this.
its very nostalgic, and yet it is a whole new song, very good song. =D

Hey not bad.

Very nice remix of a very old game, I personally love how you kept switching back and forth from fast tempo to a slow tempo. Length wise was perfect, sound quality was even more perfect and overall I score this a 10.