Reviews for "Atomic Bar episode 3"

Very nice! (Hi Illicit!!)

Great job with this thing, man. It was hilarious, and well-timed. everything went well, and Illicit was there, too. *waves hello to Illicit*

Great job!

If I was in there, I missed myself. :p

I see you used the Void logo, as well.

Anyways, great job! I'm surprised you were able to finish this so quickly.


YES, I can admit im wrong

Very good...grudgeingly i have to admit this is a superior piece of work...just the work put in altering the inages from AYB woyld get it a 4. This clock is ok with me


yeah the say clock and base at the same time during the sceans with the 8-ball and the little alien sign :)

All your clocks R belong 2 us!

Awesome... what else can I possibly say??
Just awesome!!