Reviews for "Atomic Bar episode 3"

Good movie!

Matrix ending pass is zenhex

You had way too much fun with this one.


all ur clok are belong to us!

apparently the duesch behind me has never seen the base... he should go fuck himself. excellent work though.

Dude WTF

that was truely awful. it wasnt the least bit funny, and it was fucking repetitive. how the fuck did u think of something that gay? seriously, i usually rate Clock movies 10 unless for very good reason... and the music was really REALLY fuckin annoying it pissed me off to no end

This was less than what I expected from you.

This was terrible compared to the other Atomic Bar episodes. You should have renamed this: "Terrible Flash That is Completely Unrelated to the Atomic Bar Flashes." I was nearly in tears at the end of this, not only because it was increadibly boring and stupid, but also because I was disallusioned that this would be a funny Atomic Bar episode, only to find that is was a crappy "All Your Base" clone. Its not like we have all seen the "All Your Base" video a billion times, not to mention that the matrix ending was just an excuse the make us play the stupid "All Your Clock" video...AGAIN! I applaud you for sucking and hope that in the future you try not to mislable your clips.