Reviews for "Atomic Bar episode 3"

I liked it.

It was very odd, but funny. But just a quick question, did I see a character from Habbo on there?


ajischool i dont know much about the clocks (except they are the best thing on ng) but i think kilo is a guy who blams clock movies or something but i am not sure > _ <


It was really funny and I liked the song but who the hell is Kilo? All the Clock Crew people depict him it as evil so who is it?


i like all the other ones but this one sux i am so annoyed by that all your base song every where i go theres that fucking song well screw that shit!

it was okay . . .

rather than changing the audio and making the visuals an almost frame-by-fram rip off of the original ayb video, you should have just left the song as "all your base", avoiding the audio complications you had and found original visuals.

I guess it wasn't that bad, though . . .