Reviews for "Atomic Bar episode 3"

Interesting overall.

However, this is more a music video/parody than it is an Atomic Bar episode, even though it begins and ends as such. I think it should have been named differently to reflect that.

Awsome Job.

This was awsome. I would really like to see that Matrix-ending.

i wish i knew teh password

great movie... i was in it too =) good job!

Great job!

If I was in there, I missed myself. :p

I see you used the Void logo, as well.

Anyways, great job! I'm surprised you were able to finish this so quickly.



I keep getting errors, be it the sound goes off, or it automaticly restarts. I am not one to rate a movie before I have seen the complete version, but...yeah. Great graphics and humor so far. Keep up the good work.