Reviews for "Atomic Bar episode 3"

what were you thinking...

I like your work, but this is kinda sad :(. You disappointed a lot of people. Well... you did put some serious work into this, and for that I must congratulate you. It's just that, AYB is more then played out, and this movie was especially boring.

No way!

Yes, good movie but all your base is not material made to steal!

I didn't like this.

I was really lookin forward to seein this because it was Atomic Bar but its just a pile of pictures make more bar jokes.


As a fan of the previous two I had hoped for so much more. Also I have to say I'm incredibly sick of AYB spoofs. But that said this is definitely one of the best ones, it actually did some re-recording to have the lyrics make sense and the photoshop work is nice, the added clocks is a nice touch. Though since there's very little to actually set it apart from the original AYB it's entirely too long, and feels very... tired. The setting for the spoof is ok though not great.

z3n responds:

This is just something that I wanted to do. I recognized from the beginning that AYB is old.
It's all good. I did post notice in 'Author Comments' that this was an AYB parody.


Just one question? Did I hear the original robot voice saying "base" at the same time as the "clock"? Near to the end...

z3n responds:

good ears!