Reviews for "Choosing the Door [exerpts]"


It was great but not the greatest but ill give you a ten...


The first one was alright, not my favorite out of the bunch, but still good. The second and third ones were awesome. Really hardcore heavy stuff there. The next one was alright, a bit different from the other sections that you put here on the song. The 5th section went back to being heavy and fast again, probably one of the better sections that you had. Again, the 6th one slowed down just a bit, but was still great quality overall and it ended great. I like the idea of this audio submission. I've never heard one on this website that is just several snippets of other audio pieces together in one. Good job on these.


Nice compilation. I think it gives a good overview of how you sound. It really made me interested, so I guess I either have to buy your album or I have to check out your other songs here on NG.
Or both ^^.

nice stuff

I really like the third one. And I agree with GB; the last one sounds like Metallica.

FlameMesial responds:

Awesome, thank you :D Metallica is one of the leading influences for the album.

Excellent as fuck!

This rules. When your album is done, instead of buying it can I just swap it for a copy of mine if I ever finish it? hahaa

Anyway, excellent fucking riffs. You've gotten really damn good as a lead guitarist. Bastard!

The end part sounded black metal as fuck with a hint of Metallica. Awesome stuff mate, if this is what your album is gonna sound like then I'm very much looking forward to eating my speakers with my fucking ears!!!

FlameMesial responds:

Yeah, haha. I'll send you the instrumental album through an email, and you can reply with your album :D

It was a bitch to do, the solos were damn hard bitches.

Thanks for the review man, and most of the album does sound like that, so hopefully you'll be satisfied :)