Reviews for "Choosing the Door [exerpts]"


Wow, I wonder how the full tune sounds, hahaha. hey man, if you've got the midi or whatever it was you were going to send me finished, you can go ahead and e-mail it to me. I haven't really been able to catch you online lately. Anyway man, you know I love the tune. Some wicked playing and in general great writing.

FlameMesial responds:

Thanks man. This is a 5-month late fucking reply, I'm a lazy twat.

Of course, I'm pulling out of the whole album thing with vocals, but this is a notice for anyone wanting to listen to the album's music -

I have discontinued recording vocals for the album, due to the long winters in Britain. When I can catch Speedmetal again on msn I need to know if he can help me with the rest of the synth parts and post-production, then I can send anyone a copy of the album online.

Thanks for the post-production on this song man, even though the album project didn't entriely work out, you made this sound fucking awesome. Thanks man.

Fuckin awesome!

I love the riffs man everyone is bad as fuck!

Love the drums too really work with the songs.

Keep it up!

FlameMesial responds:

Cheers bud :D

Very Awesome Man

This song sounds very great man, if just snippets are this awesome I can't imagine how awesome the full song is. The riffs are great as is your tone, a good bit of them remind me of Dream Theater(I think that's been mentioned by someone before) which is definitely good since Dream Theater is my all time favorite band. It's really amazing that you can play this good at the age your at too, I'm the same age as you, yet I don't think I'm up to par with how great your playing is, but it's awesome to see someone who is the same age as me and listens to Dream Theater, and Megadeth at that, all the people who are the same age as me seem to listen to pretty stupid shit, glad to know all young guitar players don't have shitty music tastes and actually have a lot of talent. Sorry about the rant, when it comes to people listening to crappy music, I tend to go off and it's hard for me to stop haha, I think you get the idea though...well anyways, awesome song man, I'm not one to buy other's albums online and such, but I think I'm gonna try and buy this album, it sounds great dude, keep up the awesome work man.

Thanks for your vote, jdh504! You voted 5 for Choosing the Door [exerpts], raising its score from 4.80 to 4.83.

FlameMesial responds:

First off, reading halfway through the review already, you rule for being a Dream Theater fan :P And I know exactly what you mean by stupid shit, everybody our age loves fucking Trivium. I don't know why.

The whole song is just under 7 minutes, and I had to cut the song in half and throw a few fades here and there.

I would appreciate it very much if you could buy the labum, but there will be no sales here yet until I can get this Paypal account.

Thank you for the awesome review, I'm glad you like it! And thank you also for the 5 :D

some nice metal riffs in here

thats a nice good collection of demo riffs youve got in here dude. where you planning on using all the riffs in one song? I could see them put together to create a nice diverse song, but they also could be good individual base riffs for different tracks.

the first riff is a pretty kickass melodical bit, kinda sounds like a dreamtheater intro. Love the drums in here, like the good hi hat rolls in here, sounds pretty sick.

the second one is pretty \m/ and evil sounding. it would get kinda boring, but the second part of the riff sets up a nice intro for a solo. nice double bass work in this one.

the third one is pretty nice one..really good job on the guitar once again, and is packed with another good metal guitar bit. the open hi hat adds some nice intensity

the acoustic section carries a nice rhythm. the lead is nice and soft...its pretty nice that you didnt go "all out metal" throughout your album, so props for including hits. the lead guitar flows over the top nicely. do you have a nice section with a reverb soaked guitar in there too? seems like I tell a lot of people that, maybe I have a reverb fetish haha :P

the fourth riff is probably my favorite. love the metallish sound with the little dissonant fills on the guitar. the solo guitar plays a really nice chromatic sounding riff too.

the fifth riff is probably the most diverse one you've got featured here. sounds kinda medieval, it reminds me of batman. the first half sounds megadethish, and then when you conclude it sounds a tad like metallica.

so definetly a nice album that I would probably look into. some nice interesting riffs in here. great performance as well, some of these licks sound like they would require a great deal of dexterity.

clarity wise, the track is clear for the most part. nice dark, distorted tones suited for metal. drums are good too. your acoustic guitar tones are pretty sweet as well, they could have been a bit crisper, but whatever. use different levels EQs to make the lead and rhythm sound more distinct too. I also would mind a wider variety of tones used throughout your track, too make your album more distinct and interesting. the solo guitar tones are not too bad either, I say they need more punch, more of a screaming, sharp tone I guess. all in all tho, nothing major to incorporate.

the track is nice and original as well...it wasnt too typical of "chug chug chug" sound like a lawnmower, no emotion repetive power chord riffs. you've definetly got some nice melodies and well constructed riffs in here. its not stuff that blows me away by its uniqueness, but youve definetly got a distinguishable style that would appeal to a metal audience IMO. keep up the good work and good luck with your album!

FlameMesial responds:

First of all, this was a fucking great read - thank you for taking the time to write this :D

The first section I did try to go for a Dream Theater style thing, but also a sorta greyish, moody English riff, if you know what I mean :P

With the second section I did think of making it a bit more in-depth, but hard powerchords are fun in small doses, so I went for it!

The third section, the one with the soloriff, was probably the hardest fucking part of the song to play, but I'm glad I nailed it.

I actually wrote all of the acoustic section before any other part of the song, and I found that all of the notes in this recording aren't too clear, but it's good enough for metal :P

After the acoustic part, it's the part of the story where the dude decides to turn back to his drug life, so I had to make some weird fucked up riffs to musically represent some horrific hallucinations. So that's the fourth one, and the final one was just a cool-sounding riff that I picked up from using a John Petrucci exercise technique, so I went and threw it in.

I'm glad you're interested in the album, and thank you for the definite compliment of an original sound. For the next upcoming songs I have a different (and better) tone, and also more professional sounding drums, so the whole thing will be very cutting-edge :D

I need to get a paypal account up soon, so I can settle album sales over the internet.

Thanks again for this review, it kicked ass.


Jesus its good to see you submitting on a more regular basis man. Some goddamn good riffage snippets there ya wanker. Now, I get a free Flame album right? er..I'd gladly donate to yer cause...but I got 5 mouths to feed. haha.

Anyways, loved the acoustic snippet alot too. It was all pretty brootal dude.

So..even as snippets...they were pretty cool.

\m/ rock on fucker\m/

FlameMesial responds:

Hahaha, cheers Bad-Man.
Heh, I'd gladly give you a free album, but I need to make some money out of this :P
When the album is finished, I'll get you a discount at least haha.

Thanks for the review, you kick ass! \m/