Reviews for "[NEWGROUNDS MEGACOLLAB] End of an Era"

Just amazing.


It is like eating a multiflavored and multilayerfrosted meatpiecake with my ears!!!


This was really dynamic and the drops were AMAZING! 1:18 had my head spinning and I barfed a little cuz of vertigo, but it was alright cuz it sounded so awesome!

5:50 was so sweet. It was harsh but it was a gentleman, and I can respect that.


OOPS! I meant at 4:50 lol

TheStatic responds:

Thanks for your review!
The part at 1:18 (first drop) was written by Khora, who is ironically the producer at whose track I found your page.
Also, I'm not sure what do you mean by 5:50. It's literally silence.

This is very cool, Im so glad i got to help with mixing and the judging of mastering, Its a very solid piece, I've already told you personally how i feel but ill say it again. I love how its bringing back to the state of how newgrounds dubstep used to be, and i love it for that myself. Its not the best but its the best for whats you've made from it. One of the only things that makes me big boy sad is that the drums are very quiet So yet again ill do my format, so enjoy ready you all.

Intro - Lot Seven

Lot Seven did a wonderful job on the intro gave me a nice feeling to start the songs in, I wasn't expecting the strings but boy did i love it, It seems that there could be more risers and down lifters, but it does work for what there is,

Break - Hektic

You sexy boy this is pretty good, yet again there are a few more complaints that i do have, Such as the snare doesn't go that well in the break but it more of which gets you ready for the drop imo. I am also disappointing in the amount of bass, You should've put a sub bass instead of a Reese bass but yet again, it works. The whole first minute and some break parts kinda lack bass but still funky.

Buildup/Drop 2&3 - PTB10

These parts were good but what i really want to tie off is how good the buildups are. You can seriously make some very nice and eventful buildups, I love the bass sweeps i love the growl riser, every thing is spot on in the buildups and give you an amazing feeling when the drop comes. You part in drops are fairly great too, Slightly generic but the fact that you mix modern with old still amazes me what so ever.

Drop 1 - Khora

Ok very nice i love the melodic feel to it, But please more bass other than that its golden. Yes thats all i have to say lol

Drop 1, Drop 2, Reviewing, Mixing , Master - Hippokopter

Now you did a great job on your drops but where the mixing and mastering is where this subject is gonna get the other side from me. The mixing is done very well other than the audio adjustment, Some things are way to quiet and some are way to loud aka. The drums these should have more compression and should hit harder than i hit my wife. Other than that the master seems a bit dull and not really getting it to the radio loudness it needs but you can definitely hear you tried, Great job non the less.

Bridge 1 & 2 - Static

You sexy boy these were honestly really uplifting and great parts to the song, My only complaint is that the transitions are a bit to sudden for my taste.

Drop 3 Additions - NeyraX

I dont know exactly what you added but i hear a lot of melodic-ness to the drop and i love that as a final drop. The growls are in perfect place the saws have that great stereo sound to them its great. I love the second part as well, the lead gives off a very nice feeling to it. I also love the ending piano, great job.


As a wrap up this is a solid song, the mix of new and old, the perfect balance of melodic and hard hitting drops. I didnt think this would work thinking to my self but all of you together managed to do it. Very nice job to all of you and hope you all have a wonderful career as musicians. 4.5/5 Stars

TheStatic responds:

I'm extremely thankful for your constructive (and mostly positive review!) I hope the producers will read your feedback, from me, it's much appreciated.
The drums/wife pun is a bit weird.
About my transitions: I wrote the bridges after the drops that were given to me, it's more of a problem that they're supposed to fade out before bridges more. Hippokopter tried to fix this while reviewing tho, I give him kudos for that. If it wasn't for him, the transitions would be even more abrupt.
NeyraX added some hats and filled up space in the song. It was a bit minor but still made third drop a lot better.

Lot7even responds:

Wow, an essay.

I really like how you separated advice into different people. Really helpful :P

idk if that sounded sarcastic but it wasn't

PTB10 responds:

Thanks so much for all the feedback - glad you liked it!

Great, it was amazing :D

This is a cool idea. I like how cohesive everything is despite the number of creators behind the music. It makes me want to do something like this.