Reviews for "Custom Rides (SM Designs)"

Best Game On Newgrounds

Thats was by far the best ever, game on Newgrounds i have ever played. The cars, graphics, and everything else fucking rocked! Just need a bit more doing to the escalade, and then it will be even better!


This is one of the best games EVER! You can do alot of things to a lot of cars.

Keep it up, can't wait for more.

The Shit

This game is the shit, I mean you should add more cars ya know, so its all good. Add some more style rims, and mabe some Hydraulics...



get back to me if u can

i luv ontario pertormance
u have better graphics then dardg racer that game is so slow pace i have a suggestion put in hygros and a in side view of ur car to customize the in side and drive and race ur game rox ma sox dude