Reviews for "Custom Rides (SM Designs)"

5.5 Update

pls update to complete the sneak peeks & add nissan skyline r34 gtr & use all options for that car &change the 3 ugly rims to skyline gtr r34 stock rims in silver white and black

Tasty yet unsatisfying

I love the create a car gadget but why so little options?It should have at least more backgrounds,darker tints,and body options. 2 girls?2 girls? Why tease us? Good beats and quality make it enjoyable.

great game!

plus sweet,sexay ladies!


i thnk it would be better if u made so the car stays the same when evr u go to nxt car unless u press a reset button or something like that

the games

miss of option and style but the games is funny

yeah and the the games is funny no very funny