Reviews for "Custom Rides (SM Designs)"

ok (like girls)

like the ider of the girls (it would be better if they had no clothes on) but other than that i didnt like it

Not good.

I am terribl sorry, but your game needs some improvements:
_The window is too big, it cannot fit my screen (using laptop).
_Blocking all the time, wich is bad, each time I scroll up or down, the game blocks.

Try to make improvements to it,
But keep up the work!


pop up

pop up is for big games idiotsa


if u can please add more cars about the window its alright but make it full screen not more than that but great job improve it ok .....

?????? it wont work????

ok how do i play this game????? ive clicked on the game and all the i see is a tittle screen and it never goes any further than that no loading or nothing. i waited 2 hours and i still got nothing.... 2 stars for title screen but make it smaller.