Reviews for "Mario Kart : Rainbow road"

Like the AHH

I like the harmony stuff going in the background, it makes the entire song celestial or Godlike. The drums are cool and the bass is cool as well as the doo doos. Great racing map and a great song.

Gorekiller responds:

...thanks for the review, Captain ! I made this with GP 5. "Godlike" is the right adjective to qualify this piece. Thanks !


This is one of those songs that gives you a cold vibe, however, the way you made it, it had a warm one. :D

Great job!

Gorekiller responds:

... the way I made it was 777 style ! Peaaaaaaaaaaaaaace and Looooooooooooooooooooooove ! Thanks for the review !

Brings back some nice memories alright.

I'd give ya a ten, but that damn road is just too long now that I think about it. haha, no offence to the music though.

Wouldn't it be the shit if they added rainbow road to some the newer Karts? Well.. you know what I mean.

Keeps the theme and added your own touch, toss cookie.

Gorekiller responds:

Ah yes, Rainbow road is too damn long for me too ! First time I did it, it was too long but I was first in the race. But I decided to switch off the game when I was about to win the big challenge cuz I didn't want to end such a cool game so quickly !

... Thanks for the review, mate !

Love it

I hated my early and middle chidlhood, however, one of my last refuges was Video Games, especially ones such as Sonic 3 & Knuckles or Mario Kart 64. From Mario Kart 64, Rainbow Road was always my favourite. Hearing well made remixes of songs, especially my favourites gives me that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling inside. Nice job. The only reason I'm giving this a 9/10 instead of 10/10 is because one or two more loops would have been nice.

Gorekiller responds:

...Yeah, it's always bad when such a good song has to be played only one time. Thanks for the review !!


Personally, I'm all for upbeat songs. This however, seems too fast compared to the original, which I am very fond of, despite the fact that I never owned Mario Kart 64 prior to the malfunction of my Nintendo 64. Besides the ridiculous speed, this sounds like a very good remix. Unless remixing an already upbeat song, please do your best not to take the tempo too high up.