Reviews for "Vortex"

Nice :D

Reminds me of the terraria Vortex Pillar

A lot of this is influenced on personal taste, I'm not used to stuff like this. I would've given you 3 stars but that's some nice sound design, I wouldn't be able to recreate that.

I feel like the mixdown is a bit off, and the intro is a bit too rough. Also, the piano sounds like it's detuned. Also, the neurofunky drop could use some work, and the glitches in the first drop are a bit excessive. I can kinda see where you were going with this, but it just doesn't fit for me.

Toxic-Omega responds:

Oh yeah I know this track isn't perfect. But a lot of what you listed is actually intentional lol

That's very cool🤔

Wow! I wish I could make music like this :O :) #inspiring #keepitup!