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Reviews for "DV - Compression Calamity"

Gave this a quick listen at work on my phone. Glad I put off the full listen till I got home. Great stuff :)

When it comes to that "bricked" spectrogram there's good bricks and bad bricks. The sub bass seems to fill out those monochrome graphs so it's hard to tell visually what the fork is going on. Once you start sidechaining your sub bass out of the way it's like "lol, I have textures again."

la-yinn responds:

Don't tell anybody, but it's been over half a decade since I've sidechained anything so I've actually forgotten how to do it...

I should probably get on that, now that I think about it lmao. But I bought / rented Serum through Splice yesterday evening and now I'm literally hooked to music production again. Don't understand the synth at all yet, but my god.. Such powwa. Seriously, I replaced my weed addiction with a production addiction and I'm loving every second of it. Who knows, give it a year or so and I might start to produce some legit quality shit. Like I tossed my dreams into a trashcan years ago cause it wasn't working out and now those dreams are back and they're like all buff and shit and they wanna kick my ass in that dark alley over there.. ~ _~

Really good music

la-yinn responds:

Cheers for the kind words!

It takes me to the future: a sci-fi setting in which I enter an aseptic intersetellar ship. However, moments later the 'splooges' start oozing out from between the tiles.

la-yinn responds:

Back to the future, the future that is 2013

This soundtrack should be in a video game.

la-yinn responds:

Would be pretty neat

I fuuuuuuuucking LOVE THIIIIIIIIIIIIIS, so ambient, the first 20 seconds especially