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Reviews for "_-={A Warm Storm in Avalon}=-_"

Not what I expected

The moment I saw the title I went WOAAAAAAAOOOOOW!!!!!!!!! because the original is my favourite of yours (and perhaps my favourite song OF ALL). But this is not what I expected. The beginning bears no resemblance to the original. Then the first main theme comes in and turns into a huge piece of epicness. Actually that is the only theme that I can properly recognize from the original. After that it's a different song again. It's very very nice, very epic, but you remixed it so well it became a completely different song. Of course it gets my dl and five, but the original remains my favourite. Btw I could picture this in the same 'perfect rpg'. Something like this: the original would be under a cutscene describing the land, and this one would be when the plot starts being told. With visuals only, mind you, no speech. Something like the intro of FF 12, a serene peaceful part and an actiony part.
P.S.: Have you checked out my reviews on your other account? There is just 2 yet but I might do more:)

MaestroRage responds:

the original is a favorite song of mine too. I may have already told you this, but that song is largely influenced from that river sound you hear throughout the entire piece. I listened to it for i'd say an hour or so, and gently a melody presented itself from the gurgling river.

It was a very peaceful day as well... I often wish I could replicate that feeling at will, I suppose if that were possible, I would not cherish them the way I do now.

I love the intro for FF12, a great game that!

Also which other account Skragga? Segments? I don't believe I have seen them. I will check that account right away! Respond if so. Thank you for this review, i'm glad you liked it!

Yet another great submission...

Hey its me! I haven't reviewed in a while since maestosorrow, but anyways. The music you make is still great!

Now as for the review. When the flute came in from the begging it was a story saying this tribe shall never be broken up. The drums in the background were a great addition, tells me, well shows me that the tribe is coming over a hill to show the world this is the best tribe. Now if I am correct I might have also heard the good old loops you used a year ago. I might be wrong but i think i heard them. The plucking stings and bowing strings were a awesome thing to add as it gave some strength to the music. I think it was the French horns maybe trumpets gave wrath and fear to the music. The choirs made a great ending, just like a ceremony, celebration, or just ending to start another begging. "Next years anniversary!!!"

Hope there is more music coming!


MaestroRage responds:

hello Key_reaper! I apologize, I did not recognize your name right away! But I am glad you find enjoyment in these new pieces as you did the old!

My style has not changed much since then, it has grown more complex, but has not altered drastically, which I feel is why you may be hearing some loops. I myself am not fully aware of what you are referring to, but I do often use something without being aware of it, so you may very well be right!

Your imagery, and your analysis of the song was very much spot on! There is definitely more coming, I hope you will be here to hear it!

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!


really nice i go some prewar fealing with this just before the hero hears that he needs to dewfend his country. btw i also play TW. what world u on?
anyway kind ageetin goff topic keep up the good work^^

Insert: Clever TItle

I will, nay, must say that this song (among everything lese you've done) has given me many a brainstorming session. As a amateur writer, your pieces bring so much ideas into my already cramped brain that, well, its just damn amazing.

Your gonna be rich.

I love this. I've never hated one of your songs, or even had a minor dislike. Do you sell this? You must be rich.