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Reviews for "_-={A Warm Storm in Avalon}=-_"


Yes yes yes yes yes! This is epic!
Great job!

9/10 this could be a little more epic

Insert: Clever TItle

I will, nay, must say that this song (among everything lese you've done) has given me many a brainstorming session. As a amateur writer, your pieces bring so much ideas into my already cramped brain that, well, its just damn amazing.


really nice i go some prewar fealing with this just before the hero hears that he needs to dewfend his country. btw i also play TW. what world u on?
anyway kind ageetin goff topic keep up the good work^^


I listened for 45 seconds, then began to love it. And I finally found a talented artist who also plays Tribal Wars. If you are interested, mail me about my account.

(Sorry, no story this time)


*thumbs up*

the beat and melody are captivating. it catches me so quickly. I love it, calm, peaceful, but with a mysterious side-story i see in this one. Mist running through the trees and the forests, over the waters, wind whipping sand up in the air, and yet the trees and the air sings their calm to the world.