Reviews for "Breathe - hania"


This is an amazing song. Really nice work.


I love your work. This is my favorite audio submission I've heard on this site.


Well...you have a really soft and sweet voice that pretty much dominates the music in the song. I'm more of a fan of music than lyrics to convey sound although your voice is abnormally hmm....hard to explain. Very "angel like" as much as I hate to say that.

There's one part of the song around 0:55 where your voices kind of goes into Opera mode...wasn't too much of a fan of that although it may unconsciously make your song sound better by keeping it in there for that range of sound.

Anyway, dude. Nice job.

SO GOOD-KUN~~~%uFE57%uFE57

%u597D%u597D very good very good (my english is bad so i added a little chinese)

=) ...

i want to beat watever jerk didnt give u 5 stars