Reviews for "Breathe - hania"

wow :O

I really need to know where you get the inspiration to create these songs. Seriously, I want to know.

hania responds:

Life. That's my inspiration. And yes, it may sound corny or really broad, but it's the truth :) If something happens to me, or someone I know, and I go through an emotion, I try and portray it in a song. (The story could be completely different, but the feeling is there - and that is what makes a song real ... well, that's just what I think)
Hope that helps!

Straightforward, precise, and breathtaking.

The melody is so consonant, layering of vocals, how you interface with the piano with the few dissonant chords here and there.. just make it amazing... It's exquisite, and I thoroughly enjoyed it on infinite repeat.... I hope you make more in this style.
You're good! Keep making more.
And of course, a 5 and 10.




Dear lord, this is some of the most incredible stuff i have ever heard.


Im speechless.. Totally knackered and really should go to bed, but im finding it hard to shut down the browser. Havent heard anything this soothing for a long time. Im not sure if i should thank you or praise you.

Take care of that voice of yours. Its pure gold!

5/5 10/10