Reviews for "Breathe - hania"

It envelops me in sadness

its sad that people like Justin Beber get in the spotlight but people with actual talent like you are ignored and left in the dark

you should send some of your work ing to Enya or some other artist like that and see if they will sponsor you to get a contract with a recording label

hania responds:

Don't feel sad - I already have an awesome following of people who appreciate my style, and I'm pumped about making music that I want to make (as opposed to selling out due to a label essentially owning my soul). haha or something.

The only thing I need to now discover, is how to make money to sustain myself by only making music... when I figure that out how to do that, I'll be set. :)

Chilling vocals

and amazing Lyrics make this song a masterpiece


I could listen to your vocals all day everyday! Just amazing honestly. I come to newgrounds to listen to songs as brilliant as this, thank you for this submission.


That's the only possibility.

I think I'm on my way to favoriting at least half your songs. HA HA!

this s my favorite song of yours

i am so captivated when i hear this song that i stop every thing i do