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Reviews for "Breathe - hania"

Bardic like

You defiantly tell a story with this one.


Newgrounds needs more classical singers,
such as yourself.
Also, I'm very pleased to hear something
other than all the electronic dreck that
the Audio Portal is flooded with.
Simple and melodic. It's brilliant.


Wow, that is incredible. Your voice is beautiful. I actually was quite convinced that this was Evanescence for the first minute of the song. I can't wait to hear more of your music.


pretty good voice.the track is a step up in quality from youre last tracks i listened to(i know they are video games)id like to hear more vocals from you.ive got my own website at ashstreetrecords.com.you come with a strong track ill put you on my website.i'm ELEMENT of the regime.EMAIL IS robrobinson31@hotmail.com

Great Job

You did great on this song! This is exactly what I am looking for when I want to listen to ambient music. Great music and flawless voice. I hope you make more music like this.