Reviews for "Breathe - hania"

Quite a voice. Quite a way with words...

It feels as if you're channeling your emotions through your voice. And, if anything else doesn't prove that, the lyrics are excellent. Keep going on stronger, lemme hear something to give you a hands-down 10!!


The only way I can describe this is incredible.

left me breathless


your voice is beautiful. i listened and it made me tear up. i hope your voice is heard and touches other people outside of newgrounds. when you become a superstar diva, please may i have an autograph? lol.


You have just become a favorite of mine. Your voice is so gentle and pleasing, and is also well accompanied by the piano. You've been an inspiration to someone who wishes he had even half the equipment necessary to experiment with music. =)

Again, many many props. I look forward to all of your latest compositions!


I compare you to Amy Lee of Evanescence, however i appreciate you're lighter and gentle tone.. reminds me of gailic song. If i were an agent i would have said "I found the one" and god i wish i was, because not only will you make an amazing future for yourself and inspire others to your level of greatness, you will elevate those who wish to share in your music.

hania responds:

Oh man - I wish you were too ;) I don't actually know how to approach agents - or even where to find them... if you ever come across one, let me know ;)
My goal is to enchant people with my music - an agent could help me get global!

Thanks for the review ;)