Reviews for "Breathe - hania"

very nice

one of my favorite of the songs you made
could listen to it for an hour without getting bored

No voice distorting?

Did you use any program to better your singing? It's hard to believe a singer as good as you isn't selling albums everywhere yet. I'd certainly go to your show. You're plain, all out, insanely good.


You kick ass. If you release a CD I'll buy it and recommend everyone I know buys it. Keep up the awesome work.


Is that truly you singing? and I would love some recordings if possible.

hania responds:

Yes that's me singing :)
You can download these songs if you like :) But I will be releasing a CD soon - there will be some of the songs on Newgrounds plus some newer ones no one has heard yet ;)
Take care! Thanks for the support!!

Amazing work

I'm wondering, can you make cd's from these songs.
pm me if you can or cant cause i want this on my ipod NOW!!!!
that would be SOOOOOOOOO cool.
please and thank you