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Reviews for "Spanish Waltz"

you win at life.

Your song made me fall in love with Castle Crashers. Pretty nifty.

just cool relexing

love it soo much its relexing

Ah god this

Love this, reminds me of my old days when I was just starting classical guitar lessons and learning sheet music played pretty much the rythm of this every day for like a year or two it felt like. Same old first position classical guitar poop.
For the song itself love the lead part of it, did you get your inspiration from classical guitar exercises by any chance?

Urbanus responds:

Not really. I have a introduction to flamenco workbook, but that's about it. When I wrote this song I wanted to capture a simple, but fun mood. Looks like I did a good job!


"I am very MAD RIGHT NOW!"
*Listen to Music*
"You know what? I'm okay right now..."
5/5 :D It relax me