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Reviews for "Spanish Waltz"


I like this song, makes me laugh sometimes when I go into them. xD

Made My Day.

If I said this sucks, I'd be lying, best song to calm me down in a game full of fighting. How Do I put this... Oh, I got it, 11/10.


I plan to make a Let's Play of this game at some point in the future and would like to ask, may I keep this music in my Let's Play or would you appreciate if I removed it.

With kind regards
-DragonCats Does Gaming N Stuff

Nice and simple!

This could be a great shop tune. I can imagen that the CC's running around, looking for goods and kill the shopkeeper in the end because they can't buy shit. lol. Pretty cool tune there. The soundquality could be better but thats the only let-down on this one. It's loops really good. How did get the .mp3 looped so well? It's damn hard for a live recording you know. ;D

Overall it was pleasing to listen to. Swell entry!

Thanks for your vote, DarKsidE555! You voted 5 for Spanish Waltz, raising its score from 3.00 to 3.40.

Urbanus responds:

Yeah, I'm not that much of a tech-head so my sound quality is always iffy. That, and my setup is super ghetto. I literally plugged a $10 microphone into my computer and hoped for the best. As for how I got it to loop so well....the answer is HOURS of deleting/undoing deletes of a single section (the rythm for example) and listening to it on repeat mode (thank you Audacity!).

that NG tank

*Glances up at the soundplayer*
Wow, this really fits the NG tank...