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Reviews for "Spanish Waltz"


I can listen to this all day long :)


I like this song, makes me laugh sometimes when I go into them. xD

You know, it IS amazing.

I read a comment or two, and then realized, "You know, they're right." This song is perhaps the best Shop song in any game I've played, seeing as how it's actually enjoyable, rather than tolerable or just plain annoying like most shop music.

Also, the contrast provided by this song in CC game is amazing; that high-energy intense atmosphere doesn't dissipate so much as it just disappears. Instant chill-pill, if you will.

Now, for the song's merits without considering its use; you've succeeded in being mellow and yet remained cheerful. I find that to be one of life's TRUE accomplishments, seeing as how calm/peaceful/mellow to me is usually also depressing.

Urbanus responds:

I wish I could hug you right now lol.

Made My Day.

If I said this sucks, I'd be lying, best song to calm me down in a game full of fighting. How Do I put this... Oh, I got it, 11/10.

so pleasing... I just want to fall asleep... *snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring**snoring* sorry for that.