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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "Spanish Waltz"


The thought that I'm running low on potions or sandwiches excites me because I know I get to go listen to this piece!


I wish that when i went to a store that i could shop while that music was playing like in castle crashers

This is lovely

I just love this, I'll sit in the shop and listen, great work, I'd love to hear more, thank you for sharing your gift of music with us!

Urbanus responds:

Thanks for the review! I've been busy lately, but hopefully the new year will give me a chance to produce some new stuff.

I Voted this was a good review!!

by: Renorick
date: August 6, 2009
Always calming to listen to after/between battle(s)...

August 7, 2009
Author's Response:
Just toke it man...and don't forgot about the rotation! (Puff Puff Pass!)

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Indeed, you must puff, pass, buy health, puff, pass... get munchies.... and then remember you were about to buy health.... you puff, you pass.... you can't buy more health.... remember you went through the last round without losing any health since... puff, pass... you couldn't buy any. Exit merchant and start round.... puff, pass.... and then remember you also need to buy bombs.

This was a true event. After a boss round, taking a toke became chilling for 10 minutes (listening to this song the WHOLE TIME), laughing our asses off, and forgetting about the guys who were in the Xbox party....

I love this music. 10/10 5/5 and a fave add.

Urbanus responds:

I laughed...HARD

Pretty good

I'm not a big fan of these short things, but I thought it was pretty nice, with a soft feeling to it.