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Reviews for "AIM - A Dreadful Space Journey"

I need to learn how to make something like this :3

Woah, ok, this is now my favorite song by you, I love this atmosphere, sounds very good :P

I enjoyed this. I think it fits the artwork really well. Good job and good luck to you in the AIM contest! 🙂

-- Official AIM review --

.....................Excuse me?
It's been about 2 years since I gave one of your tracks a 0.5/5 rating, what in the world happend between then and now? I was actually blown away.

The way you build up the atmosphere in this is incredible. The melodies are engaging, Every sound blends perfectly together and the mixing is very well done.
The strongest aspect of this though is the arrangement. I wasn't bored for a single moment throughout the entire thing and you have a really nice recurring main theme. It gets a little bit repetitive at times though.

Great job, Jordan. You can be proud of this one.

All in all, a great job on the piece - the atmosphere of it was great. You would have probably benefitted from having a secondary theme here - having the same 8 notes for melody repeated for a whopping near 6-minute piece simply tires the ear, no matter what magic you pull (and admittedly, you *did* pull quite a bit of it!). Have the melody go somewhere - or switch keys; that's really the main complaint here; otherwise, the dynamics are great, the atmosphere works for the art piece that inspired this and I can definitely tell the amount of work that went into this. I have made pieces I put well north of 40 hours into, so I'd know the difference ;) And it sounds like you confounded one of the AIM judges - that's always a plus, right? ;) Cheers mate, keep on creating :D